Not So Big Data Blog Ramblings of a data engineer (or two)


Alexander Chiu

Hi, Alex here. I received a masters in electronic engineering from Stellenbosch University where my research focused on the use of computer vision in autonomous navigation applications. Currently I work as a software engineer at in the Netherlands where I help improve search for our customers. Join me as I embark on a learning journey to apply machine learning, statistical analysis and visualisation techniques to interesting (and maybe not so interesting) problems.


Michael Struwig

Hey, I’m Michael. I’m currently working on my PhD in Engineering at Stellenbosch University. While not directly related to my research, I’ve always been curious and interested in data, particularly visualization and (thanks to an incredible internship opportunity) machine learning. It’s at the point now where I’m introduced as the “graph guy” to newcomers in my research lab. I do the majority of work my work in Python, and yes, I am jealous of the R guys because of ggplot2. Wannabe data scientist in training, I’ll be trying my best to mung, visualize and machine learn to something valuable.